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Back again

Yes, it's yet another major week of releases, and the trend set last month looks set to continue, but that's not the big news at M2K this week. The big news is that, in discussion with Logan Trent Kuraishi, we have decided to cancel X-Men Alpha. The title is no more, all gone.

Now I'm not fond of reboots of comic titles, nor am I fond of renaming titles, but in this case it seemed necessary. Why? Well, X-Men Alpha has always had it's problems. I consider it a cursed title. The problems. First of all, way back when M2K began it was called Uncanny X-Men, but during one of the many moves that took place, the back issues were all lost, including the one where Charles Xavier was killed. Not good.

Then Jay Corafa took over as the writer, but things got in the way, such as the Apocalypse: Ageless Fury crossover and he had to step down, and due to events of 9/11 eventually left the group. Then Gwyna cam back to script the series she had started as UXM, but her run was problematic as well and she too had to step away. Bearing in mind this is supposed to be the flagship title, it's sister at X-Men Omega was running away with issues while this series barely had 6. The came Cory who worked well on the series and it seemed as if we were making headway but the curse struck again and after the 12/Apocalypse 2000 storyline, Logan was supposed to start as writer, but Cory was in the middle of a storyline and it took him six months to finish it.

3 years since the start and there were a fifth of the issues of X-Men Omega, so a decision was made by me. Alpha had to go and Logan accepted it well. To boost it's back issue range I've added in the major crossovers mentioned and the Team X limited series which was a bridge between the crossovers and that's made the title line a lot healthier and at this month will see the launch of X-Men Prime, the new X-Men title. Plus there's stuff happening over at X-Men Omega as well. To get things ready for XMP, this week's Wolverine has a little bit of a set up to get continuity set and away we go.

With any luck the curse has been lifted and we can get to work again making the series the flagship title it was meant to be.
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