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Succession and other stories

It had to happen, that the releases wouldn't match the previous week's output but there's still plenty to go at and I'm pleased that we still have an active writing staff, but this week's column is about something else - the new boss.

There's been some speculation on the part of the staff at M2K as to who will be taking over from me when I stand down at the end of the year. Who will be the new Editor in Chief, who will I appoint as the successor? Interesting thing is, I already know who I'll choose, but here's the thing - it's not my decision.

Marvel 2000 has a political edge to it at times which I admit concerns me, because don't like politics. My job is to do what is best for the site. A couple of months back I made a juedgement error with Max 2000, and there was a substantial amount of disquiet from readers and writers alike. So I stepped down as EiC and was instantly met with a chorus of 'don't do that' or words to that effect. Max 2000 #6 was removed and I was still 'da boss'. When it comes to the new EiC I'm going to go with the same principle.

You will decide. I know this may be a blow to those who may have thought it was a given, but it's not. I've been thinking about it this week, thinking about it a lot and stayed offline purpurosely to give this some thought and the only fair way to do this is for the prosective EiC (s) to make a pitch to the group and Heroes, natch, and say why they think they will be the person for the job, and then the people who enjoy M2K will say if they agree. And it also takes if off me if the new guy screws it up. I'm altruistic to a point.

My rule has been to lead by example. I write an issue a week and I review at least one issue a week, but people know I also read them all as well. That's my way of doing things, and whoever takes over may or may not do things the same. That's the thing - they won't be me, it won't be mine anymore, though I may do the next Tookies if the new boss wants me to, because with the chore of settling in to the role the annual awards might not the thing they want to do right away. There's going to be a lot of things going on over the next few months. To anyone who wants to take over - no campaigning until I give the say so. We can discuss things in private, but messageboards, groups, etc - no.

It will be the end of November when we do that, and the readership will have a few weeks to decide and then I will announce the results. Do I have my favourite? Yes. Am I telling you? No. I'm not going to influence the vote that way. The race isn't even close to sown up.
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