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Saturday Releases?

Yes, Saturday releases. I knoiw they've been missing a while in with the releases coming Sunday, and in some cases Monday, but I've had more free time on my hands this weekend (hurrah!) which has meant I've had the time to put in to M2K. Plus we're also in double figures for the releases for the month which is also good.

It's been fairly quiet at M2K this week, and at Heroes as well but there is one thing I want to mention, and with the release of Fantastic Four under a new writer, it's time to pay tribute to the former writer M o_o. M o_o was a great talent at M2K, his work on Invincibles, FF and Moon Man were greatly appreciated by writer and reader alike and he was able to work well with what he had in front of him, however his fate was not to be a writer, but an artist.

Marvel's Epic line had been rather maligned since it was announced, which is a little harsh as there's not been a great deal to go on. Yes the House of Ideas has been a little flat of late, but that's something that happens from time to time and M2K's loss has been their gain as M o_o has become Milx (what his strange cow fetish is, we'll probably never know, much like his real name) and he'll be working on the new Silver Surfer book and if he can draw half as well as he writes fanfic, we've got a good series to look forward to.

A little while ago we had someone come to the M2K messageboard and accuse of being sad, adolescent losers who were doing this hoping to get in to comics and we never would, or something like that. M o_o is proof that we can get in to the biz if we want to and so his final point has been disproved and that's good enough for me. M o_o left a hard act for people to follow and I hope - if he gets time - he'll write us something else.

With fanfic, you never know.
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