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Independance Day

Well, it was anyway and being British it's not something we celebrate like our cousin's over the pond. Me, I like any reason for a party and fireworks so I enjoy the day as well, even if I don't have the lights in the sky on the scale the USA does.

However there was something special this week where fanfic honoured one of it's own - Brent Lambert. He works hard for the group, with two or three releases a week on average which is good going and he was toasted by the good over on Heroes this week, prompted by his Editor's Choice award, but it got me thinking, thinking about the reasons I created the M2K Hall of Fame at last year's awards. There are people at the site who do a lot - besides me - and they don't often get mentioned. So now it's my turn. Brent's had his moment, so here's another five people who I think deserve the recongtion at M2K they may not generally get.

Dino Pollard - founder and sometime writer for the site, Dino's contributed a lot of time and effort in to running things and setting things up and it was his vision that got the group headed in the direction it is. Dino's taken a step back of late, because he has his RL issues, but he'll never go away. Not really, anway.

Mike Shirley - Mike's the AEiC, and people may wonder what he does but he keeps order, he promotes things behind the scenes and he works to try and get new blood to the site. He may not write a great deal, and I admit I'm reluctant to hand over the editing and posting of things but that doesn't mean he doesn't have an input to the site. He's a top bloke.

Russ Anderson - the first and lonely, sorry only, M2K Hall of Fame inductee, Russ took up the reigns of the group while I was just a writer and defined the site's look and feel. He made Iron Man a highlight of the group and his work on Scarlet Spider has been great. Hell he even came back for a little while because he could. Now he writes Avengers West Coast with Chris Munn. He's another ever present factor for the group.

Gregg Epstein - I like Gregg. He plugs and plugs and plugs away at his work. He's written the majority of Heroes issues with his work on Fantastic Four, Captain America, Alpha Flight and he's now writing Iron Man as well. He has his critics who don't like the simplistic nature his issues have, but there's something there. He's a fan writing fiction about the characters he likes and he's got the spirit of why we do what we do in every word he writes.

Douglas Ketcham - Much like Gregg, Douglas has his critics but he does things his way and it works for him. He's a writer that's progressed since he started work for us with a Godzilla run over at Marvel Fanfare, and you can see him getting better with every issue. It's something some of the other writers could do with noticing because Douglas uses the M2K Beta list, seeks advice on how to improve his work and does something about it. The guy still has a bit to learn but he's got heart and he uses it. That's all I can ask for as EiC.

So there you are. Five names, some familiar, some maybe not. They're part of the diverse talent pool that makes M2K great and it's that freedom of expression that Independance Day is really all about. Have a good week.
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