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What a week

One hell of a week, people. Things ahve got out of hand because I lost a lot of stuff this week. XP got corrupted and I had to reinstall and well, it wasn't pretty. I've recovered a lot of things, but stuff like emails were lost. This has meant me rebuilding things which hasn't been easy. Had to check in with Alex to relearn the ftp settings for the site, so I could download everything again so I could edit it all. It's not been too much fun.

However there's been a few bits and pieces going on behind the scenes. X-Men Prime has a new writing team in myself and Dino Pollard, Gen X is getting a new lease on life with Troy Bengal (who has an idea that alters Gen X in the same way my ideas altered X-Force a few years ago) and there's a few old friends on the way back to the group, so there's a lot happening, and I can guarentee that it's going to be good.

Get ready, because here we go!
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