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It's been an interesting week. A guy called Aaron wrote to me in respect of Wolverine and how much he had enjoyed the series which is great but he also mentioned something which I found a surprise.

CFAN closed down.

CFAN - for those who don't know - was the resource for fanfic on the net. So many genres cataloged and posted so that whatever you wanted to read about, you could find it there. I've not visited it in a while myself, but I didn't think it was that long and I never thought it would be gone. It was something that was always there, y'know? When I first started out in fanfic I announced things there. I used to use it to publicise issues and things all over the place and now it's gone. Not abandonned, just gone.

It's a shame, and it's something I thought would always be there. It had a thriving community, it had a life of it's own and message boards like nothing else. It was an icon and a sign that fanfic has changed over the years. It makes you appreciate what we do even more, b ecause how many defunct sites are out there? How many sites are there with unfinished works? What happened to some of the people who wrote these series? It makes you think and it makes me wonder how long all this will be here. Everything has it's time, and time is finite.
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