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Let's Talk Shop

Away from the business of identity crises and other matters, M2K is in need of writers. The X-Men titles not so much - go figure - but the other branches have a few titles that have a need for writers, and these are just the ones with actual issues, so here we go with an M2K recruitment drive:


Ultimate Avengers: The team of 'heroes' is on the run from SHIELD, and being hunted by various face that were once familiar. Loosley tied in to the continuity's of Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man, the series has great potential for an ambitious writer.

Mutant X: After the big battle between the High Evolutionary and a mish mash of heroes from the Marvel and DC universes, the Six have an uncertain future, as does the rest of the world. The future is up for grabs...


Captain America - The Sentinel of Liberty has resumed his affair with Sharon Carter, has an adopted daughter and now he's a reserve Avenger, he's finding his own feet in an ever changing America.

Captain Marvel - Titan's been transported to the Negative Zone, as a colder and darker Genis wanders the spaceways, finding time to do what he does as a member of the Avengers West.

Defenders - The Defenders have been to Hell and back, literally. The face of evil has been changed and the status quo altered, but whatever the problem the Defenders will be there.

Iron Man - Business man, hero and founder of the latest Avengers West Coast team, Tony Stark lives in a technological world, making things safe from those who would misuse technology and threaten the world.


Deadpool - The Merc With a Mouth has met almost everyone from Darth Maul to Jay and Silent Bob. Who can possibly be next...

Hulk - He's been hunted down, attacked by the original Human Torch and now Bruce Banner is a lovely shade of green even when he's not the Hulk. Can the scientist ever find peace?

Scarlet Spider - Ben Reilly has gone to Baltimore and has escaped from the shadow of Peter Parker and Spider-Man and has a life all his own, and his heroics will be as legendary as those of his 'brother'.

If you're interested in any of these series, let me know at the usual address and we'll sort something out. All the back issues can be found at the main site if you want to do a little light reading. Let's get back to writing fanfic and put the events of the last few weeks to rest.
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