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Never give up

That's the thought in my head for this week

Never give up doing what you want to do, your dreams, your passions. Everyone suffers from a crisis of confidence from time to time, be it a simple case of writer's block or a loss of confidence in themselves. It's a normal reaction that happens to everyone. I'm no different, I suffer from the same things from little things to major things, and it's what we do to resolve these things that tells us who we are.

Most of us have friends, colleagues, family who will be able to help out and resolve the issues, who can give a hand if you need a break. What's needed is to look after yourself, and if you need a little bit of time to refocus your efforts then do it and come back stronger than ever. I suffer from writer's block as my most regualr problem. Writing as much as I do as often as I do isn't easy, and I often need a little more time to come up with ideas to join things together. I give myself a few days to write issues, and I have to juggle things around it in real life, but I always find having a break helps.

Today was no different. I was working at a sports event and while standing at the entrance and the people were coming through I figured out what I needed to do to make the issue work, what the missing piece that eluded me was and I came back home after the event had finished and went to work and it took a bit of effort but I got the thing done. You can get too focused on the subject that you lose sight of what you were doing.

Dreams, ideas, imagination, these are the things we need to live, to grow, but these need resources to grow and to be maintained. Never give up, but it's okay to take a break.
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