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Son Rise

Son Rise is the Heroes led crossover event that I conceived of about eighteen months ago. It's actually been on my mind a lot longer than that, because this was always one of my great ambitions to see a sequel to What If Marvel Lost Atlantis Attacks, but in comics proper. That was never really going to happen and so my thoughts eventually turned to fanfic as the medium to express this idea. I had the idea and I worked on it and I knew it was going to be something special, but then my thoughts turned to what do we do becausae this is big, and surely more than me need to be involved in this.

Last year there was the Apocalypse 2000 event, and there was a bit of a fuss from the Heroes and Knights people that it was X orientated and that they didn't get to play. Which is a fair comment and I saw an opportunity to put things right and so I announced Project Atlantis, what would be Son Rise. There was mixed reaction because people weren't sure what value it would add and we'd just done th Apocalypse thing so were we pushing things? These were good comments, but I also had some interest as well and the Heroes angle was what convinced me it'd work as a crossover. So we went to work on the details with myself as the driving force setting things up in the 2099 series so it was a true crossover of all the branches of M2K - Alternate, Heroes, Knights and last week I threw X-Men in as well for good measure.

But the question has been raised by some critics already, who think the crossover will have no effects on the titles. My reaction to that is this. Wanna bet?

This is going to have effects on M2K. Major effects. The United Nations have been shocked by a strike at their heart and they've had their power usurped for evil ends. People are going to get hurt, maybe even die. Things are going to be shaken up, old faces will return and developments will occur, not to mention that Son Rise sets up Shadow War which had the Shadow King make his strike against the world, which will lead in to a finalisation, a reconciliation, a new generation of hero and more than that the series finales of Wolverine and X-Force. Series finales, yes. This is going to be my last big push in fanfiction because this is the last story I want to tell and I'm telling it. Because of the people we have here they will continue what this begins, and the shape of M2K will change because of it.

I'm standing down at the end of the year as EiC and writer. Frankly I need a rest as I've been doing this for two years now and editing, refereeing, writing and planning ahead like this has taken it's toll on me. I'm tired and the rest will be good to have but I am not going out quietly. Son Rise is my mark on M2K, uniting people, writers and readers alike and making something to remember. Whether you like it or not, that's your choice. I'm happy in the fact we did it and halfway through, it's going very well for my tastes.
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