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Son Rise

Say what you want about this event, say it has no impact, that it's just a series of battles and nothing will come of it in the end, say it's not very good, say it's brilliant, say it was a failed experiment, say whatever - it's done what I set out to do.

It's told a story, it's united a branch of M2K that doesn't get the focus of the others and more than that it's given the people who write in that branch and other a chance to have a go. M2K has people out there who point to some of our writers and deride them and I pour scorn on these people. I value more the person who will step up and have a go than someone who says 'I am X and I know better than you because I am a better writer'.

That's not the point of fanfiction. It's fiction written by the fans and I will not deny anyone a chance to write. Yeah, it has to fit with the M2K ideology, but look at what we've got, what the potential is there for. We've had DC crossovers, Buffy/Angel crossovers, Dr Who has popped in... There's so much that can be done and is still to do.

That's why I like Son Rise. It's the unity behind it and that's what M2K is about, despite the squabbles and arguments. We're a team and that's that.
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