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Begun the Shadow War has

I'm not quite Yoda, but this is something special. This will be the very last thing I have wanted to do in fanfiction accomplished. The Son Rise event went some of the way to making that happen, but this is the finale to many years work by myself and I've got the rest of the X-Writers to help.

The Shadow War began a few years ago when I started writing Wolverine and I noticed a few continuity glitches. I've used fanfic as a way to fix those problems and at first I wasn't sure what it meant. Wolverine has conflicting memories of what happened in World War 2 and so I worked from that premise as to find out what had happened to him and somehow, the Shadow King came out in it as the villain.

Why the Shadow King? Not sure. Perhaps he's the first villain Wolverine's faced that he can't just claw and be done with it. Perhaps I wanted to make the Shadow King a force to be reckoned with and so I went to work, and it developed that the Shadow King had a plan and it involved making his own X-Men up. Why? Good question. I wasn't sure when I had the idea but I had a cast to make it happen. Ideally I'd have used others, such as Storm and Karma, but they were unavailable and the cast changed over time to the current line up, and along the way the Shaow King did some things to establish himself.

He's been a consumate villain since I started working with him. He's forced Logan to have sex with Viper and inhabited her body while it happened. He's stolen the child that came out of that for his new host body. He's used Nick Fury and made him betray SHIELD, tying him in to some of the worst terrorist events at M2K and he's not done yet. Then came Project Atlantis, the idea that would become Son Rise, but it had two parts and Son Rise was the first. The second idea was that I finish off the Shadow King storyline and I outlined what I wanted and people volunteered and now the Shadow War has begun from a basic idea some time back.

I never really knew where it was going at the time, and now look at it. This is going to be the finale to my career at M2K and I have to thank those involved for helping out both in this and the Shadow War. December will be a final tidy up, but things are going to come to a head. It's been one hell of ride and the best is yet to come.
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