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What a week

It's been one of those weeks, with distractions galore and it's always difficult to write when it's like that. Writing for M2K is something I enjoy doing and I always have and it's even better to see that everything is coming together. I've new plans all the time, but I'm going to leave them for the next writers who come along. It's always more fun to do, and next month is going to be kind of sad for me as a writer as I'll be ending some series that have been a mainstay of my life for some time.

You grow attached to things and working on Wolverine is always a pleasure, but X-Force too has been a joy to write. It's the most fun series I've done and it's come through as that in the way it reads. There's going to be an emptiness inside me when I stop writing them, as I suspect there will be for any of our longterm writers. Dino Pollard wrote a lot for us and he's taken a break now. I know that there are other writers who plan to step down from certain titles soon enough and it's something that you notice, especilly when you see 40+ issues of one series written by someone and then a different name added to it.

There's still seven weeks left to go of the year, and that's seven more weeks of writing. I'm going to savour every moment, though maybe not when it's being typed. The issue that writes itself isn't as easy to come by as it used to be.
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