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marvel2000's Journal

Marvel 2000
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This is the LJ community for the Marvel 2000 fanfiction group.

The main site officially began on December 22, 1999, and picks up the issues after the events in The Magneto War, or directly after May of 1999, but before June of 1999.

Also, to avoid confusion, I should let you know that Marvel 2000 is NOT, in any way, affliated with any other fanfic groups, especially with the number 2000, though some of our talented staff do write on those sites as well. It raises the quality level of the sites.

The issues come out on a weekly basis, details of which will be posted here, to the various mailing lists we inhabit and our message board

We've a dedicated and talented staff comprising some of the best names in group fanfiction, working on titles that have widespread acclaim. So visit us often, you'll find some new stories or even a series up when you do. You won't be sorry you visited.

-David Wheatley
Editor in Chief