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At last...

We've been gone a little while and there's been a bit of disquiet about it, and the fact that digitallymystic has a habit of going south in terms of ftp. It was even suggested we get our own domain. I posted this on the board, but I'm adding it here as well because it's important. We've had a number of locations over the years.

Redrival used to go down for weeks at a time and we couldn't read the issues.

Geocities had the file trasnfer limit which meant the first people got to see the issues and then the rest had to wait.

And there were times leeding wouldn't acknowlegde we ever existed. Forgot to add this one to the board post. Ah well...

DM means that at least we can read the issues and for all the issues with FTP, this is only the second time it's happened this seriously and it affects the other hosted groups. Digitallymystic is free, generously given to us by Alex Cook, and as aside from Heroes, I'd suspect we're the major user. I know how much we have in terms of file size! That and I was the one that brought it to Alex's attention that the ftp was down menas we're the most regular user. It's probably us that's broken it, but let's ignore that. A domain of our own would be nice but it's a case of expense and as much as I love you all, I'm not prepared to pay. Plus there's that whole legality thing because if I pay a provider are they making money from unlicenced characters? Let's not even go there...

Bottom line is Alex Cook is one person and he does a great job. Yes DM has gone down a few times this year, but it happens. We told Alex, he looked at it and fixed it and told me as soon as it was and that was good of him. Don't diss digimystic.

Something else that's come up is the use of profanity in fanfiction. It's a tough one. My opinion is that I don't mind it, but only if the situation calls for it. Is there at times an overload of it in some works? Possibly, but to each their own. If you are someone who is offended by such language, fair play to you. if it's not what you want to read then fine and I accept that. I'm not in to censorship like that. I watched South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut and that's got more swearing in ti than anything else and it's amazing how funny it was. It's all a matter of context and if that's wrong then maybe the writer ought to consider what's being said to them. Just a thought anyway.

Enjoy the week and with luck we'll be back this weekend.
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