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Two months ago I wrote a triubte to M o_o in the Davimentary. For those who don't know, he was the writer of Fantastic Four, Moon Man and Invincibles here and he did some other stuff at other sites, but we don't care about them that much.

Anyway, M o_o stopped writing because he became an artist. Or he was an artist and got busy. Either way he ended up employed by several comic companies, working on Silver Surfer at Marvel and Wake the Dead for IDW as the artist called Milx. The guy had talent, and was in demand and fanfic wasn't important to him.

M o_o is proof that we can get in to the biz if we want to and so his final point has been disproved and that's good enough for me. M o_o left a hard act for people to follow and I hope - if he gets time - he'll write us something else.

With fanfic, you never know.

Colour me surprised when he contacted me last week and said he wanted to do some Moon Man for me, I was up for it. I'd be a fool not to and he was all for keeping it quiet until he came out, and posted some teasers to the messageboard and when people guessed who he was he came clean. Either way I didn't care - I had an actual comics person working on my group and more than that he was good at what he did as a writer and artist.

Now the story gets interesting. Newsarama reported this.

Just as hot artists are a tradition in comics, so is the occasional drop off the radar. In this case, the Malaysian artist who goes by the name “Milx.” A find from the Epic submission process, Milx was signed to illustrate the new
Silver Surfer series, as well as Wake the Dead from IDW.

According to Marvel, Silver Surfer #2 has been delayed from its original
shipping date of August 27th until October 22nd. According to various reports,
the lateness problem is due to the artist, Milx, virtually “going missing,” and
being extremely difficult, if not outright impossible to get a hold of.

Likewise, IDW has replaced Milx as the artist on the September-debuting Wake
the Dead bi-monthly miniseries written by Steve Niles beginning with the second

Attempts to contact the artist by Newsarama have been unsuccessful to date

Heroes is alight with the buzz, the pundits are after my boy M for comment and people don't seem to be able to get hold of him. My official position is this. I don't care what's gone down with the various compnaies and M o_o. That's between him and them. If Milx wants to comment he will do, but I'm not going to give him to people. I have an email address yes, but people won't get it from me. I turned down my friend Chris Partin who asked if he could get it try and get a comment, and Chris is a good friend of mine. Do I have theories? Yes, I do. Maybe he ditched them because he really wanted to work with me and the rest of the M2K team, but it's unlikely.

Bottom line. Their loss is our gain. I'm glad M is back in the fold, he's one of the writers I hoped would come back, along with Messrs Exner, Short and a couple of others. What's happened has happened, and while it'll be one of the great mysteries of the industry until and if we find out what went down, it's not our business. I have no diubt M has his reasons and until he chooses to tell us, back off. Yes, it's not the journalistic way, but give it time. Speculate all you want in the various columns, and if you want to add he's a fanfic writer at Marvel 2000 and give out our web address.

I still respect the guy, and if I'm in a minority, so be it.
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