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I've been writing at M2K for quite some time now, and I was working on other things before I came here. I'm quite good at what I do, and there's a lot of people who seem to like it, but there's always been influences on me that inspire me to write the way I do. These are the things that I've seen, I've read, I've heard. These are the things that made me in to who I am, and the things you read and I want to share some of the main ones with you.

Indiana Jones. When I was little, Raiders influenced me. It had a rousing fanfare and it showed that heroes could be flawed. Indy was cool, he had no idea of what he was doing, but he was smart enough to put the pieces together. It was action adventure that's been duplicated, but never quite matched. He was the first real hero I ever considered, and as I grew older and understood more things, I realised how clever the films were. His life wasn't easy, he didn't always do the right thing, he made mistakes and he paid for them. That made seem more real as a character to me and I never forgot it.

James Bond. The films I grew up with were the later Moore ones, and the Dalton films. I loved the Dalton era because it had a darker edge to it and was more like the Bond I had read about in the books. The books were always inspirationally written and when you realise the Fleming was not a field agent himself, but based his works on what he read and imagined, then you get the feel for how talented a writer can be. You don't have to know everything, but as long as you can research and come up with plausible, logical reasoning for steps then it will work.

Dr Who. Cliffhanger endings are cool. They have the hook to get you to watch the next episode and they did it well. I always needed to know what happens next.

Farscape. More prominent now, as these guys raised the cliffhanger to an art form. It was amazing how they could use five minutes, or end a season itself. I will admit some of the resolutions were not always as satisfactory as the ending, but that's because they knew how to end something and it worked so very, very well.

In a literary sense, I've mentioned Fleming. I've also admiration for Terry Brooks, who is an amazing author, IMO. His feel for the worlds he's created, the way the stories link together from the series, Landover aside but it may fit in to the grand plan, are incredibler and he's not afraid to develop things, to do things that might not be what the old stories were, but that's because things need to grow, to change and become something else.

Tom Clancy is another, in the way he builds things up, puts them together has the pieces in place and then just unleashes them with a gusto. The finale's to his books are a crescendo of everything coming together and when it works well, it works very well indeed.

Larry Hama's Wolverine is a definite influence because he showed me how well Wolverine could be written, that there was more to him than claws. He has his critics, I know, and some of them don't like what he did with the series, and towards the end it did drag out a little, but he gave Wolverine an intensity and intelligence that was missed when he was gone. Still is, to be fair.

There are others I could cite, but these are the main ones. I love action, adventure and romance, but I also think these things all have consequences. Comic books heroes are heroes set in the real world, and yes they have amazing powers, but the things they do have effects on others, on themselves and they are not immune to the effects. As long as I keep that in mind, then I can keep writing.
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