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It's Not Easy

M2K is a thriving group.

I like to say we're the best in the field, but I would and I know there's plenty of people who'll disagree, but there's been some talk at the site this week of what makes M2K what it is. Is it the weekly releases? No, it's impressive and it makes me happy to see new issues every week, and even happier when there are different names up on the main page but it's not what makes M2K great. It's not the layout, it's not one person in particular, it's the fact that M2K has commitment. I am the first to admit that there are problems at times, with backbiting, arguments, all round verbal attacks at times and it's an annoyance to me.

People say things and it gets out of hand and it doesn't do the image of any of us any good. Some of the people who've been on the message board of late have delighted in causing trouble and some of our more gregarious staff have risen to the baits. It's not good, and I know it isn't and I do my best, but being on a different continent to the staff isn't something that lets me deal with it properly. I'm 5-8 hours ahead of the staff timewise, so it's hard. But through it all there's commitment to the site. There are people who produce issues week on week, there are those who do them every few months, some go longer, some are in between.

But they swallow their prides and get on with what's needed - issues are written, issues are sent out and everyone works together towards a common goal and that's what makes M2K what it is. That's what brings old writers back, that's what keeps new writers coming to the site, that's what the readers enjoy and that's what I like about M2K. We work at it, no matter how good or how easy we find it. We work, we try and get better and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but we give it a go. We try new ideas, new ways of thinking, new directions for characters all with one thing in mind - to tell a story and make our universe worth reading about.

Next month is the start of a crossover. Next month there will be battles as the Sons of Set come to Marvel 2000. Names who don't normally participare in the M2K events will be up front and centre to tell the story, a story that has been a long time in the making. These are my colleagues, my friends and I am proud to have been EiC of M2K. I'm proud to have worked with the people here. I'm proud to have my name on issues, and I am even more proud that people have used my ideas in the same way I've used theirs. Son Rise will be a defining moment for the site because if it works or not (and I hope it does) we're a team, and I can't ask for anything more.

is coming...
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