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There are days when it's easy to write, but it's not been that way this week. I had it at the start and it kind of pettered out. I hate it when that happens, but it's the way my head tells me it needs a break. Maybe a few days, but it needs a rest from writing and to be fair the batteries must need charging. The last few months have been an immense challenge as a writer, editor and co-ordinator. Son Rise and Shadow War have been some of the most fun I've had at M2K and a big big kudos to the people involved, because without them it wouldn't have been as much fun to do.

I've one month left to tie up loose ends and let people carry on the work I've been doing. Chris Munn and Mike Shirley are going to be the next EiCs, and there are one or two people who want to write my titles, but I won't be gone just like that. There's going to be the formality of the 2003 Tookies. Right now, sit back and enjoy the fruits of labours of others this week. There's some good stuff out, and some great stuff coming.
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